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Malabar Ready-mix Concrete Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 18 September 2012 as a project of manufacturing ready-mix concrete to cater the requirements of Palakkad and neighboring places

Ready-mix concrete(RMC) is a ready-to-use concrete, with predetermined mixture of cement,aggregates,additives and water. It is manufactured in a centrally located Batching plant according to a set recipe or as per the specifications of the client. It is then delivered into client’s worksite ,often in special trucks(transit mixers) capable of mixing the ingredients of concrete during transit. This results in a precise mixture allowing specially concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites.

Plant and Machinery


Manufacturer : SCHWING STETTER
Model : M1
Serial No: 882
Mixer Capacity : 1 m3
Mixer Type : PAN mixer
Software : MC1 360 controlling software from SIEMENS

Transit Mixers:

Model No: AM 7 HC – Capacity 8 m3 -5 nos
Model No: AM 10 HC – Capacity 10 m3 – 2 nos

Concrete Pump :

SP 1200 - 1 no
Capacity – can pump 150 mtr horizontal and 80 mtr vertical

SP 1400 – 1 no
Capacity – can pump 180 mtr horizontal and 90 mtr vertical

Scope of

MRCPL & Customer

The Scope of MRCPL

  Manufacture ready-mix concrete of the required grade and quantity.

 Delivering to the customer site.

 Pumping the concrete to the point of placing.

 Quality tests for the concrete and raw materials.

The Scope of Customer

 Measuring the actual quantity of concrete required.

 Approach road for transit mixers

 Suitable / safe formwork

 Requirements of reinforcement

 Leveling of concrete

 Finishing of concrete

 Curing of concrete

 Clean and safe surface to receive concrete


Benefits of choosing MRCPL

   Delivered at a lesser price than normal site mix concrete.

  We have in house laboratory with sophisticated equipments confirming the quality of concrete, as well as raw materials used in producing concrete.

  Sample cubes are taken from each site during delivery and tested for compressive strength at 7th and 28th day respectively to prove the strength of concrete.

  Weighing slip provided with truck mixer authenticating the quantity of concrete.

  Pumping the concrete up to a height of 180 meters ( apps.25 floors).

  Fully automatic weigh mixing, so uniform and error free mix.

  Eliminate storage hassle since no need of storing cement,aggregates,sand and water at site.

  Improved quality of concrete translates into enhanced long term durability of concrete, thus minimizing maintenance and repair costs.

  Saving from reducing about 90% manpower at the site.

  Saving from reduced project time, about 10 times faster than normal site mix.